Board of Directors

Jorge Eduardo Durão | President

He is a lawyer and has a post graduation degree in social anthropology. He is also advisor to the executive board of Fase – Solidariedade e Educação and was the president of Abong (Brazilian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations). Presently, he is the CEO of Brazil Human Rights Fund.

Juana Kweitel | Vice-president and head of projects

She is a lawyer and holds an MA in International Human Rights Law from the University of Essex in the UK and a master’s degree in Political Science from USP. She is Executive Director of Conectas Human Rights and an associate editor of Sur – International Journal of Human Rights.

Mafoane Odara | Vice-president and head of training

She is a psychologist and the projects coordinator of the Avon Institute. She has a master’s degree in Social Psychology from USP.

Marcos José Pereira da Silva | Vice-president and head of finance

He is a sociologist and philosopher and a member of the Executive Coordination of the NGO Ação Educativa. He holds a master’s degree in Education from PUC-SP and advocates for human rights. He works as a consultant for the assessment, planning, organization and development of social projects.

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